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I can’t play classical instruments and am starting music gcse

I’m starting GCSE music soon, and picked it without really doing adequate research. I assume I got it on the basis I play trombone, but I am awful at it. I’ve been playing for about 6 months and I do not practice nearly as much as I should, so all I can really do is play simple nursery rhymes and a few basic notes. I am self taught guitar, but mostly play rhythm because I don’t even know where to start with solos and such. I also sing in the main school choir, plus a few other choirs within the school, but I’m probably an average singer, I don’t know really. I’ve also dabbled in keyboards and such but not enough to say I play it. Essentially I don’t really know what to do for performance due to the fact I don’t sing solo in front of people and can’t really play any instruments. On top of this, everybody else who picked music has either been playing a classical instrument out of the womb, or started having lessons in year seven and are around grades 3-5. I don’t know what to do. I was good at ks3 music but because that was mostly just listening and either musical theatre or edm for 3 years. I have a basic knowledge of music theory. Should I just swap music for something else if possible? I’m conflicted.

Thanks :smile:
Are you starting year 10 soon? Discuss with your teacher and maybe try out a few lessons, ask about the exam part and how much each component weighs on the final grade. If it feels too hard you can drop it and choose something else

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