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Crashing Higher Music in December:(

So I want to crash Higher Music because it's the only available subject at my school since I arrived in very late and trying to catch up with other 4 Highers which are Biology, Chemistry, Geography and PE which I find kinda easy and doable. However, I have never played a musical instrument before in my entire life and will be starting probably next week. I'm genuinely too concerned about not scoring an A or a B because I need at least a grade B for physiotherapy and it's my last year at school which means I can't return back unless I do my subjects in a college in Glasgow or Edinburgh which will also be expensive since I am an international student. so what do u think am I to do? my music teacher told me I'll be singing and playing xylophone. I think I will be able to strive and cope with this. But how does everyone who did this course before feel about the coursework? is it easy and doable to crash in 5 months? and will I be able to learn on the xylophone easily in those 5 months regarding doing further science subjects that require exerting so much effort on them? I at least need AAABB at Highers to be able to get enrolled into a physiotherapy institution in the UK. any tips from you guys will really help, and if anyone has been through the same experience, please tell me what had you done to pass and get a B or an A. thanks in advance :smile:
xylophone is probably the easiest to learn for your first instrument, you should be able to pick it up relatively quickly. it also has a similar layout to keyboard so if you don't like doing voice i would ask your teacher to change to keyboard.
coursework is pretty difficult, especially if you're crashing higher and have no prior musical knowledge. you will have to go back to national 4 and 5 concepts to progress forward.
i know you're prioritising sciences and putting most of your time into them, but if you do have some free time i would absolutely recommend looking through coursework and learning the concepts. i would suggest speaking to your teacher and see if there is any arrangements they can make to give you the best chance possible. best of luck to you !

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