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All wanna be kpop group

All those kpop group just trying copy bts why are txt taking bts song why exo black pink all wanna be bts be around 10years I'm proud of Jimin he been with me 3 years I love how make sohappy
I'm a bit confused as to what makes you think these groups are "copying" BTS? Kpop has been around for a long time, and BTS was certainly not the first group. While TXT is under the same company as BTS I don't see how they are copying. As for Blackpink... they have nothing in common other than both being Kpop groups, they aren't even under the same companies. Also you mention EXO... I hope you're aware that they debuted a year before BTS, pretty sure you can't copy something that hasn't happened yet.

Also I'm not trying to discredit BTS. I truly believe they helped pave the way for other Kpop groups, and I respect BTS stans (I like BTS too, they are incredibly talented, funny, good dancers, visuals etc.), but I think sometimes people forget not all Kpop groups are the same as BTS. I'm not sure where this unnecessary hate is coming from. Does another group gaining popularity upset you simply because YOU don't like their music? Or because you think that they are going to "steal" the spotlight from BTS?

I would love to see your reasons for believing that these other groups are trying to copy BTS, or want to be them. If you have any proof to support this claim please let me see it. Thank you.
All kpop groups are there to generate profit for the company. Regardless of copying or not, every single market in the world has people copying each other. Why does it even matter? May the best group be the best. And saying blackpink is like bts is like saying the weeknd is copying taylor swift

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