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Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions competition: rep prizes to be won!

Welcome to the TSR Rugby World Cup 2023 predictions competition!

The Rugby World Cup is kicking off in France on 8th September, so why not get involved and win some rep prizes by predicting how the tournament will go?

Join the main discussion thread for the tournament here!

We ran this before back in 2015, and the principle is the same: there are eight rounds in this Rugby World Cup: five in the pool stage, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. For each round, you give your predictions for the matches, in the format of 'France v New Zealand: France win by 5 points' or 'Italy v Namibia: draw'.

If you post 'I'm in!' below this post, then I'll put together a list of players and make sure everyone is notified about 24 hours before the start of the next round. Predictions can be made at any point before kick-off, but cannot be made or edited after the match has started.

You'll score points for your predictions as follows:
1 point for a correct outcome: a win for team A, a win for team B or a draw
1 extra point for the closest margin of all of our predictors (even if you don't get the correct outcome - if a match is won by 1 point, a prediction of a draw is closer than a prediction of a win by 3)
1 extra point for getting the exact margin correct

Rep prizes will be awarded as follows:
500 rep for the winner :king1:
300 rep for the runner-up :king2:
200 rep for the third-place :king3:

Ties will be broken, if need be, by how closely players predicted the result of the world cup final (then semi-finals etc if really needed!)

If you know nothing about rugby, please play along anyway guess a winner for each game (or a draw!) and a winning margin of between 1 and about 50 points!

[field="List of matches and rounds"]
Week 1:
Fri 8 Sep, 20:15; France v New Zealand
Sat 9 Sep, 12:00; Italy v Namibia
Sat 9 Sep, 14:30; Ireland v Romania
Sat 9 Sep, 17:00; Australia v Georgia
Sat 9 Sep, 20:00; England v Argentina
Sun 10 Sep, 12:00; Japan v Chile
Sun 10 Sep, 16:45; South Africa v Scotland
Sun 10 Sep, 20:00; Wales v Fiji

Week 2:
Thu 14 Sep, 20:00; France v Uruguay
Fri 15 Sep, 20:00; New Zealand v Namibia
Sat 16 Sep, 14:00; Samoa v Chile
Sat 16 Sep, 16:45; Wales v Portugal
Sat 16 Sep, 20:00; Ireland v Tonga
Sun 17 Sep, 14:00; South Africa v Romania
Sun 17 Sep, 16:45; Australia v Fiji
Sun 17 Sep, 20:00; England v Japan

Week 3:
Wed 20 Sep, 16:45; Italy v Uruguay
Thu 21 Sep, 20:00; France v Namibia
Fri 22 Sep, 20:00; Argentina v Samoa
Sat 23 Sep, 13:00; Georgia v Portugal
Sat 23 Sep, 16:45; England v Chile
Sat 23 Sep, 20:00; South Africa v Ireland
Sun 24 Sep, 16:45; Scotland v Tonga
Sun 24 Sep, 20:00; Wales v Australia

Week 4:
Wed 27 Sep, 16:45; Uruguay v Namibia
Thu 28 Sep, 20:00; Japan v Samoa
Fri 29 Sep, 20:00; New Zealand v Italy
Sat 30 Sep, 14:00; Argentina v Chile
Sat 30 Sep, 16:45; Fiji v Georgia
Sat 30 Sep, 20:00; Scotland v Romania
Sun 1 Oct, 16:45; Australia v Portugal
Sun 1 Oct, 20:00; South Africa v Tonga

Week 5:
Thu 5 Oct, 20:00; New Zealand v Uruguay
Fri 6 Oct, 20:00; France v Italy
Sat 7 Oct, 14:00; Wales v Georgia
Sat 7 Oct, 16:45; England v Samoa
Sat 7 Oct, 20:00; Ireland v Scotland
Sun 8 Oct: 12:00; Japan v Argentina
Sun 9 Oct, 16:45; Tonga v Romania
Sun 9 Oct, 20:00; Fiji v Portugal

Week 6:
Sat 14 Oct, 16:00; 1st in Pool C v 2nd in Pool D
Sat 14 Oct, 20:00; 1st in Pool B v 2nd in Pool A
Sun 15 Oct, 16:00; 1st in Pool D v 2nd in Pool C
Sun 15 Oct, 20:00; 1st in Pool A v 2nd in Pool B

Week 7:
Fri 20 Oct, 20:00; Winner of QF1 v Winner of QF2
Sat 21 Oct, 20:00; Winner of QF3 v Winner of QF4

Week 8:
Fri 27 Oct, 20:00; Loser of SF1 v Loser of SF2
Sat 28 Oct, 20:00; Winner of SF1 v Winner of SF2[/field]


(edited 3 months ago)
Just in short: if my assigned team South Africa wins the World Championship, I will get 500 reputation points?

In this sense: Go, South Africa, go, go! :king1::happy2:
(edited 2 months ago)
Original post by Kallisto
Just in short: if my assigned team South Africa wins the World Championship, I will get 500 reputation points?

In this sense: Go, South Africa, go, go! :king1::happy2:

Yes you should do!
Original post by Saracen's Fez
Yes you should do!

Well, well. I cross my fingers for South Africa now. :borat:

May the 500 reputation points be mine! :colone:

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