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✨All Things Royal✨ Spam!

✨All Things Royal✨

Join us for an all things royal spam in preparation for the coronation!

Rules of the Kingdom
Royalty-related spam only
Follow community guidelines as normal
You can definitely post consecutively!
Keep to 30 second cooldown period between posts

Crown Jewel of Prizes
100 reps awarded to highest number of consecutive posts if 10,000 posts are reached
Bragging rights
The odd rep here and there
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Maybe a bit too much gold :colondollar: But definitely royally gold right?
The King's Coronation is on the 6th of May 2023.
There will be an extra bank holiday as a result of the King's coronation said bank holiday happens to coincide with VE day.
Crown jewels :blow:
Baroness :eek:
Queen Elizabeth II
Coronation :tongue:
Royal weddings
Gold, lots and lots of gold in a chest hidden in a castle somewhere:K:
Queen Elizabeth II died in 2022 (sorry for stating that).
Pretty sure Queen Elizabeth II was either the first or second longest standing monarch
Louis XIV reigned for 72 years
Louis XIII was the father of Louis XIV
Buckingham palace
Kensington Palace?
Gems... TSR royalty :wink:

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