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Biology A-Level mature student / distance learning - practical assessment question

Has anyone studied biology A-Level through distance learning and / or as a mature student?

I have been looking at AQA. The issue is the practical exam is done as a short intensive so I get very little lab time. My preferred Uni requires you to pass the practical even though it doesn't count towards the final ALevel grade.

So you get a couple of days learning/practice then sit the exam on the last day. It's also £1175 which is more than the tuition and exam fees combined, plus hotel / travel as not local, and if I fail I have to pay again to resit it!

So my questions is how much practical experience do you get prior to the practical assessment in a sixth form or college setting?

Unfortunately there are no colleges offering adult Alevel classes anywhere up to an hour away - my only option is online / distance learning.

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