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Which exam boards offering biology Alevel do NOT have a practical exam?

Which exam boards offering biology Alevel do NOT have a physical practical exam?

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CAIE is the only one.
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Original post by vapordave
CAIE is the only one.

I am reading it as EdExcel have two papers that are about practicals but no physical lab assessment? But getting information from them is impossible - which puts me off taking their syllabus.

For context I am a UK based mature student with a moratorium on holiday at work April May June. I'll be able to get the exams off work, and maybe the day before, but that's it. The Uni I want to go to won't flex on taking the exam if there is a practical exam, even if it doesn't count towards the grade. They just said choose an exam board that assesses the practical element via written exam/s.

This is very frustrating as I have to work full time to pay my mortgage, when I go to Uni I will be renting the place out. No consideration given to practicality of exams / assessments as a mature student. I looked into an Access to HE course but the content is so irrelevant, so I don't see how it would prepare me for University at all - I'd be at a disadvantage to my peers with an Alevel in Biology. The courses seem more geared towards nursing, social care or animal studies.

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