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Wanting to pursue IB with a physics degree from Manchester.

Title^^. I know Manchester isn't a target uni, but if I finish undergrad at Manchester and do my master's in physics at a target uni (hopefully UCL or Imperial), are my chances better?
Going to lead by asking, why IB?
Whilst you're right, UoM isn't a full target Uni for IB (still a semi-target), with your degree you could realistically secure a big 4 / Accenture consulting role given just a bit of relevant work experience, and get similar hourly wages to IB (if you're after the money). Grads from IB target schools are increasingly ditching IB for consulting, you'll save a year of your life and a lot of money over earning an Msc in physics purely for IB prospects. Or look at gaining experience and going into corporate dev banking (more social, better hours albeit worse pay than IB).

Unfortunately, a masters in physics is fairly unlikely to help your case. If you chose to pursue a masters in physics, you could get an equity research role, but you're more likely to be seen as an applicant for middle office (risk management). This isn't a bad thing, after a few years people do move from middle to front office / equity research, pay is decent and hours are far better. Investment banks tend not to recruit masters students for analyst positions, and a lot of people who earn doctorates in physics end up going into risk management.

If you're set on IB straight out of uni, the masters that are more likely to make it happen are expensive, and it's still not guaranteed you'll get a place.
Look into:
Oxbridges MPhil econ programmes, LBS's MFA, LSE's MSc Econ, Imperials Economics and Strategy for Business MSc, or LSE's finance programs.
If you have scopes beyond the UK, HEC Paris, Esade Barcelona and Bocconi all offer masters programs that see people into IB.
All of these masters cost between 30 and 50k GBP, because to a percentage of their cohorts they're a golden ticket to a lucrative career. That's how they justify the cost.

Beyond this advice, look at reaching out to UoM alumni (esp those who studied physics) and look at what they went into.
Best of luck.

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