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Better path for Investment banking

If I could go to the University of Manchester for a BA in Economics and Sociology or a BSc at the University of Warwick in Economics, Psychology, and Philosophy, which would be a better springboard to get into IB?
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From what I've gathered about investment banking, what course you do isn't extremely important, and I think many people get in even with fairly unrelated subjects like literature or history. What matters more in IB seems to be the prestige and the skills you gain from the course. Manchester and Warwick are about on the same level of recognition/prestige I think. Not sure what exactly is studied in sociology, but PPE seems to be a widely recognised and respected course that many people praise and recommend. I think in terms of prospects for IB both options are of similar value, maybe PPE at Warwick is marginally better. I'd go with what you would enjoy studying more and which city you want to live in etc, since you will be doing the degree for 3 years so you might as well enjoy it...

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