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I don't know if I should do a level 3 btec in animal management or an foundation year in Art and Design, with either option I want to gain more science based a levels on the side, the only options I have though would be to study a levels online at home whlist doing one of those two courses. I have already done a levels but they are irrelevant to science, I'm interested in having a veterinary related career but I have been working towards art for a while. I have also read online that the btec in animal management is not accepted or recognised by a lot of places. I'm at a dilemma and have the option to study one of the two courses in the next few weeks.
When you say veterinary related career, what exactly do you mean? Veterinary surgeon, veterinary nurse, animal care assistant, receptionist? Because they all have very different requirements so would very much depend. Doing science A Levels alongside other courses may not be the easiest thing to juggle either.
As above, what sort of veterinary career? This affects the advice you're given.

BTEC Animal Management is accepted by some Vet Med courses. Research the courses you're interested in and take a look at their entry requirements to ensure you meet them. Have a look at Gateway courses as well.

It's inadvisable to study online A Levels alongside a college course; you'll create too much work for yourself and struggle to get good grades in both. Additionally, if you want to study Vet Med, you will need to pass the practical, in-person part of the A Levels. You cannot apply to Vet Med without achieving the practical element of the course.

My advice would be to try and figure out if you want to pursue Art or Vet Med as you will struggle to try and do both. What actual job do you want to work in the future? You can always keep the other as a hobby (art or volunteering with animals).

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