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Oxford GCSE/level 2 qualifications

I am a year 13 student looking to apply to undergraduate medicine at Oxford. I have 15 GCSE qualifications, 12 of which I achieved A*s in. The three that I didn’t achieve the highest possible grade in were level two certificates.
The oxford admissions policy states
“None of our courses have a specific GCSE requirement; however, there are some parts of our admissions process that use GCSE grades to contextualise applicants' performance, and we are not able to use other Level 2 qualifications (or equivalent) to replicate those measures for students not taking GCSEs.”
Does this mean that they don’t look at level two performance at all, or they won’t use them for people who aren’t doing GCSEs?
My proportion of A* is 100% not including them, but 80% including them, and I’ve heard that you have to have 90% A* to be competitive at oxford.
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Hi fellow medic! Hope the BMAT went well!

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