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Can I still go to uni with only gcse and disabled?

Hi, I am a 20 year old who had to drop out of school in my first year of a levels due to illness, I now am a wheelchair user and need 12 hours of sleep a night. While I did well at gcse with all 7-9, I am very dyslexic and qualify for a scribe and neither my parents or grandparents went to uni.

I have heard of special admissions/considerations and also certificates of higher education or foundation years. However it is all very confusing and seems very different with each university. My aim is to go to at least a rustle group and ideally Oxford which is 30 minutes from my home.

What would be the best courses of action and what are the things I should aim for? Also has anyone experienced something similar and what was your outcome? Are there any easier paths I can use to enter uni?
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You will need a Level 3 qualification like A levels, BTEC, Access to HE - even for a Foundation course.
Its worth contacting each Uni to get help with this as most will have staff who deal with applications from mature students and those with other reasons for not having conventional qualifications.
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Try contacting Oxford Brookes - this is their info for mature students and some of this provision may also apply to disabled students - Mature applications - Oxford Brookes University

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