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Hi guys, I wanted to get your opinion on my chances for even getting an interview for History and Politics at Homerton College, Cambridge.
My stats are A*A*A at A2 and 76666654 at GCSE but with really really heavy extenuating circumstances to explain the GCSEs and even extending into my time studying A2 to date.

Even with a strong personal statement, teacher reference and both strong marked essays, what do you think my chances are of even getting an interview? I do genuinely have a passion for these subjects and find that I always enjoy interviews and do well in them but I’m worried I won’t actually get to that stage.

Braced for the brutal truth, but I’m really curious to hear what you guys have to say.

I mean, no one can say the chance, nor can anyone give you an estimate. It is better to not think about it and stress about it.,Cambridge%20College%20in%20early%20January.

‘We send interview invitations out in November. If you’re invited to interview, you’ll usually have your interview in December. It is possible that you may also be invited to a second interview with a different Cambridge College in early January.’
By the end of November, you will know.
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