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LPC, SQE or Bar


So long story short I’ve always wanted to be a solicitor & have always had plans to do the LPC. I’m in my final year of University meaning I will be the last year to be able to do the LPC. However, there’s rumours that most law firms are only excepting SQE (I think this many be bull but who knows). I’m aware that the SQE is harder but I’ve not done much research into it..

I have no networks connections, I come from a mid-low class family and I have a slim chance of getting a training contract, especially straight of uni, as applications closed last year (May 2023) for my year. With my family, my mum was the only one to attend uni but she did a sociology degree and went no further with it. My biggest concern is that I did no internships in the summer (due to my income, I cannot afford not to work and be paid in the summer, I’m not in a position to have things paid for me and I don’t want to take out a loan etc). It seems everyone has either secured a training contract, done thousands of hours of pro-bono or internship work and I’m miles behind.

It feels my only option is to pray I get the grades for an LPC integrated Masters, I think it’s quite frankly the only way I’ll be able to afford the LPC as an integration(student finance for Postgraduates).

I’m currently doing Pro-Bono work within a Charity/Court scheme, I work 16hrs a week as a Supervisor in retail, I have other volunteering work to my name & I am a student mentor, as well as half way through my university award.

I’ve had some thoughts about the Bar, but don’t really know much about it…

Does anyone know what other options I have? Or how to secure networking connections, internships or even training contacts? Or even just information on the bar.

Stressed beyond belief

Thanks in advance x
I'd be looking to leverage the volunteering you do at court. There will no doubt be judges/barristers/lawyers that you will regularly see while you're there. Try being upfront and asking one (or more) of them if they could help you by telling you of any schemes they might know about or introduce you to someone else who may be in a position to assist you. Explain your background and that you have a strong desire to follow a career in law. You're not a threat to them so it's not as if you're going to injure their career and most people like to help if they can.

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