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Reasons why the Tate gallery is a great student day out in London

As a creative student, studying in London absolutely has its perks. Any course at KSA can come with the challenge of creative blocks and a gallery trip to central can help to clear some of those limitations. One gallery in particular offers a number of options and covers such a variety of art it would be difficult to go and not find something you enjoy or are inspired by.

Tate Modern (located in Southwark, a 9 min walk from Blackfriars station) is home to a large number of works, most of which you can see for free. With a large collection and a mass of information to inspire you, Tate Modern can entertain for hours and is perfect on a budget, especially as a student! If you’re looking for a longer day out, you could even see sights such as the Globe Theatre and Borough market which has amazing food to try.

Especially from now until April 7th Tate Modern is a brilliant place to go as the ‘Women in Revolt’ exhibition is showcasing female led art and activism from the UK from the 1970s, 80s and 90’s. The exhibition is nothing short of engaging and is one of the first of its kind as many galleries under represent female artists. To gain access all you have to do is sign up to become a member of the Tate Collective which can get you into a number of exhibitions for just five pounds and for ‘Women in Revolt!’ Will get you in for free! Just be sure to take some ID and your phone so you can prove your age and membership!

And if on the off chance you’d rather go to a gallery that isn’t Tate Modern then look into a Student Art Pass which for ten pounds a year can get you 50% off a number of exhibitions.

Please share down below your experience with the gallery!

-Yasmin (Kingston Rep)

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