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Oxford Rejection To Interview

I am fuming rn. I am a highly sensitive person, meaning any disruptions would cause me to completely crash. As shown in the news, there were technical glitches in the MAT paper, and they remedied that by giving us 10 multiple choices only. I had an argument with my friend who practically ghosted me the day before the additional MAT, and got 6/10 for MAT (made 2 simple careless mistakes), and did not get to interview.
I'm happy if my capabilities are not good enough, but this year's admissions system is obviously faulty. Once again, I don't blame anyone from the Maths department, I just blame the people responsible in TCS (the company for the MAT exams).
Oxford says they treat neurodivergent people equally in the admissions process. Well, clearly not this year as they don't accommodate to our needs.

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