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Share your experience of Oxbridge rejection here**

Coming to terms with Oxbridge rejection is hard. You think you've overcome it, you start enjoying your uni/life, you meet loads of fellow rejects at freshers and feel better about the whole thing.

But then once in a while you're reminded... maybe it's meeting up with old friends from school (who obviously made it into Oxbridge), or your younger sibling applying, or an unsuspecting conversation with your grandparents.

Reminded of the fact that, as toxic and wrong as it is, there's no escaping the fact that in your part of the world, there is only either Oxbridge or University of You Did Alright But It's Not Oxbridge. There is no equivalent of the glory that you so narrowly missed. Excuses don't matter, however valid.

Ok, maybe I shouldn't generalise. But this was my experience and I'm sure hundreds of people every year go through the same thing, more or less.

I don't want words of comfort. I know where that ends up and it never makes me feel better. But please do use this space to share your own experience, get it off your chest, and like me, seek some small comfort in the fact that others have read of your experience.

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