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Edexcel a level business need help

Guys I picked up a level business and I'm studying it independently. I also have to complete it in one year. Is it supposed to be this overwhelming? Firstly, the spec is so brief that I feel like I have to watch several yt videos to make sure I haven't missed out any content. Is there a textbook that for sure covers everything I need to know? It would definitely be more efficient if there was. Secondly, I'm making flashcards using my notes and it is SO OVERWHELMING. It would literally take me 1.5 hrs to complete flashcards from 1 subtopic e.g. 1.1.1 The market. I have to be doing at least 2 subtopics a day if I want to finish everything in time. I also do maths and physics but these aren't nearly as time consuming as business. Someone help please. Am I doing something wrong or is business that long?
Sorry you've not had any responses about this. :frown: Are you sure you've posted in the right place? :smile: Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there. :redface:

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