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How likely am I to get accepted in St Dominic's?

I'm Catholic but I do not attend one of the partner schools.I'm applying to do maths,further maths,physics and probably chemistry.My school doesn't provide me with predicted grade yet so I individually asked each teacher for a predicted grade.Here are my grade

Maths:mocks-8 predicted-9
physics:mocks-7 predicted-8
chemistry:mocks-8 predicted-8
biology:mocks-7 predicted-8
French:mocks-7 predicted-9
history:mocks-6 predicted-7
RE:mocks-5 predicted-5
English lit:mocks-4 predicted-6
lang:mocks-5 predicted-6

my effort score is 1.75 on a scale from 1-4 with 4 being the lowest
My average mock grade is 6.6 and my average predicted grade is7.5.
My hobbies include table tennis,piano,violin and speedcubing.
Please can someone tell me the likelyhood of me getting an offer,thank you.
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