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Vet work experience Year 12/13

when universities ask for a certain number of weeks, is it by the number of days? (eg. 5 days=1 week) or does 1 day in the week also count as just 1 week. just wondering because i volunteered at a farm but was only allowed to come 1 day a week for a month. so would that count as 4 weeks or just 4 days of experience? thanks <3
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That would be 4 days or however many hours you were there for.
Each university has it's own requirements and they can change, some universities prioritise more than others. Some also require a set amount of hours in certain settings such as clinical Vs non-clinical or small animal Vs large animal. It would be worth you maybe having a look at the entry requirements for the ones you're potentially interested in and going from there. RVC & Aber both wanted 140 hours minimum & 50% needs to be clinical.

Even if a university doesn't require work experience hours they're still really beneficial and will help you prepare for interviews. Placements in a vets practice can be a little challenging to find in some areas so perhaps worth prioritising securing those sooner rather than later.

It's important to know when the work experience has to be completed, for most it's within a certain time frame before you apply. I believe its 18 months but could be wrong, not sure if that's relevant to you but worth keeping in mind.
Generally 7 hours = 1 day, and 5 days = 1 week. Different unis will specify different methods.
As much work experience as possible should be the game. If you want plenty of exposure to practical procedures and animal health then work experience on farms will be a fountain of experience in this regard. Keep a list of people handy as you may need them again later when you have to find your own clinical placements in later years.
It will be 4 days. As others have said each school has their own requirements and vary considerably.
Do get a good variety. This then means you have different things to draw on and talk about. Keep a diary of what you did and what you learnt. Use this when you are applying and hopefully preparing for interviews. You can't predict the questions but there will be themes that always Come up. Team work, good and experiences how you dealt with those for example. It is great you are well ahead in preparing.

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