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Applying to medical school

I'm currently in first year of A Levels. When and how do I go.about applying for medicine?
I've only recently begun to feel that medicine is what I would like to do as a it too late for me to hope to get into medical school?
You apply in year 13 through UCAS as everyone else, with the exception that for medicine, dentistry, and vet med (also oxbridge) the deadline is earlier in year 13, October 15th. You can find more information about how to apply through UCAS on the UCAS website. Any specific requirements for individual medical schools will be highlighted on their websites.

Since you're still early in year 12 it will suffice for now to just start looking at your overall profile, figuring out if there are any obvious sets of medical schools to rule out of contention (e.g. if you have weaker GCSEs, aren't taking A-level chemistry or biology, etc) then aim to do well academically and start looking ahead to sorting out work experience for the spring and summer.

The medicine forum has a large number of carefully curated resources in the stickied threads here: I recommend you review them as well :smile:

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