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aqa dt theory exam materials

I'm a bit confused as in our dt textbook there are endless types of materials with examples and so many properties
this seems like a lot so I was wondering if we need to know everything
i'm not sure what exam board you're using but for the aqa exam you will need to know one material type in great detail for section b and it will probably be the one you've focussed most on in class (hopefully you're teacher will have told you which one but if not i would ask) as you will answer the questions solely about products/properties/uses of this material.
in section a where there are shorter answer questions you will need to know the basics of all the material types because the questions will ask about a range. it will probably be properties, uses etc. and not the tools you would have to use or preparing the materials because this is more in depth. maybe look for some summarising pages in your textbook and find out about some of the properties and uses of all the materials, get to know some of the terms and understand where you get things like plastic, metal and timber from. you might want to have a look at past papers to understand the depth of what you need to know about the materials if you haven't already.
hope this helps!

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