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Work experience - list of “ideal” things to see at a small animal practice

I’m 16 and I’ll be doing work experience at a small animal practice and have been asked to provide a list of what I would ideally like to observe. Obviously what I will be able to see will depend on what appointments they have whilst I’m there but what kind of things would people think would be most useful? I was thinking that the standard health checks & vaccinations for cats & dogs as I imagine these to be so common…Thanks for any insight.
I’d just say you want a feel for general life in a vet clinic and want to see the different aspects of consults, some surgeries (I imagine they’ll have a neuter or lump removal or dental that you can watch, it’s good to know if you are prepared for all the blood etc), taking care of inpatients if there are any and maybe a couple hours with reception. I do think the more routine things you mentioned are probably a good level at this stage as you will understand what’s going on and the impact etc better, but if you are shadowing consults you never know what’ll walk through the doors next so I doubt that’s the only thing you’ll see. I’d just take it as it comes 🙂
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Thank you, I will definitely ask to observe surgery if they have any while I’m there and dental is also a good one to list!
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How Vets and other staff interact with animal owners - and the different tones/methods they use, and why.
If you can, go on a farm visit or similar, and see how all of that is different when an animal isnt a pet.

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