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Electrochemistry and effect of pressure

Why does increase in pressure increase the release of electrons
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Does it? It'd be helpful to have the context of this question and know specifically what you're looking at.

The only thing I can think of is if the reaction at the anode is in equilibrium. Increasing the pressure, according to Le Chatelier, favours the side with fewer moles of gas.

Anode Reaction: 2H2​ 4H+ + 4e−

That I believe would increase the amount of electrons formed in the system.
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Thank you but if we apply this to the reduction of chlorine half equation; increasing the pressure drives the equilibrium to the right which reduces the number of electrons. So why does increasing the pressure of chlorine increase the number of electrons produced ie more negative? The online information I've seen so far advises this. It seems that you cannot determine the effect of pressure using Le Chetaliers principle. You have to calculate using the derivative of the Nernst equation - using pressure instead of concentrations of ions
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