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hi all!

I need to conduct some primary research for a project. if you are an artist (art/photography/music/textiles/etc) or studying a creative subject could you please answer the question below

What are some challenges you face as an individual in a creative subject or as an artist? What do you think should be done to help you overcome those problems?
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Late-twenties painter, doing an undergrad in Fine Art.

Generally, art as a field relies on self management and problem solving skills so I don't expect much external help. Collaboration is necessary, yes, but it's also a highly competitive field. Challenges arise more frequently within the self than externally,
With that in mind, I can think of 3.

1) Time management and coordinating bursts of motivation. When I decided to pursue a degree I opted for an almost entirely untimetabled course so that I could work within my own schedule. I could see this being an issue for people in general when it comes to education.

2) Physical disability. I've had to adapt how I work in response to this. Again, it's just something I manage.

The third is more general and something I think all artists probably need help with.
3) Studio space. It's expensive and co-ops are not only uncommon but also complicated, often requiring networking, preestablished reputation, and enduring commitment. While I have a space during my degree, I dread having to go back to working in the box room after graduation.
With the rise of temporary office working spaces I'd like to see something similar for creative fields. Perhaps with leases measured in weeks rather than days - this would facilitate prep work at home and completion in a better equipped space.

I'm not sure if this is helpful for you, but hopefully there's something there. 👍
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hey, thank you so much for that reply!!!

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