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which are best university for msc supply chain management

considering aspects such as university fees, cost of living and jobs prospects after completing course which are best universities for masters in supply chain management.
I have got offers from aston, coventry, university of liverpool, heriott watt, uniof birmimgham (but they need overall 7 not less than 6.5) i have overall 7 but 6 in reading so think so i shouldnt consider it.
i have also applied for leeds cranfield sheffield sussex
Hi @yatish patil.

Thank you for the enquiry.

Today I would like to talk about Cranfield university and why to choose it.

Cranfield MSc Logistics and Supply Chain management is a top-ranked supply chain master's course. It is ranked 2nd in the UK and 11th in the world, in the QS World University Rankings: Masters in Supply Chain Management Rankings 2022. This logistics postgraduate course, co-designed with senior logistics professionals, offers knowledge and skills to significantly impact the global marketplace.

Our European-sized faculty offers practical business skills and real-world challenges in supply chain strategy, sustainability, and operations management. Students gain in-depth understanding through study tours, hands-on activities, and international exposure with over 50 countries' students.

Cranfield University's faculty collaborates with global logistics and procurement professionals, international speakers, and SAP University Alliances Programme members to develop relevant supply chain courses.

The Careers and Employability Service provides career management skills development for career progression. Cranfield Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc graduates secure roles in various companies, including Buyer, Supply Chain Analyst, and Operations Manager.

Cranfield university is between Milton Keynes and Bedford, both having very good connection to London. You can stay in either of those or on campus.

Do you have any questions regarding life at Cranfield or anything particular you want to ask about the course? I can direct the question to admissions or course director.

Thank you for letting us know.

Lucie :smile:
PhD Student
Student Ambassador
Cranfield University

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