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i need help with question 4

Focus this part of your answer on the second part of the source, from line 21 to the end.
A reader said, ‘This part of the story, where Alice decides to continue digging for the object, is very mysterious, and suggests her discovery may be life-changing.’ To what extent do you agree?

this is my answer:

I agree with the statement because the writer says, “Earlier, she’d noticed something glinting beneath a large boulder, propped against the side of the mountain, neat and tidy, almost as if it had been placed there by a giant hand,” and by using the simile, “as if it had been placed there by a giant hand,” the writer is giving the impression that the mysterious object was intentionally placed there for Alice to find and that the person knew Alice would be there to find it, which creates sense if mystery about how the glinting object was there to begin with, and gives the impression that mysterious object may be extremely important. The writer also uses the “adjective” glinting which suggested that the object is made from something very valuable which gives the impression that it may be worth a life changing amount of money, which creates intreage in how something valuable would be conveniently placed there for alice to find.

I also agree with the statement because the writer says, “Alice will look back to this moment. She will remember the quality of the light, the dust in her mouth,” which gives the reader the impression the quote is being said after Alice's life has been changed forever, which makes the reader curious about how the shiny object manged to change her life, giving the impression that the object was incredibly valuable and worth a lot of money, giving the reader the impression that something big happened in her life because she found the shiny object enhancing the sense of mystery on how something so valuable made was conveniently there for the taking.
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