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A day in the life of a MSW social work student on placement.

Hey 😊 I’m May, a student at Kingston University currently studying for my master’s in social work (MSW). I’m currently in my final year and on my final placement.

My day schedule looks like this:

05:30 My alarm goes off and then I prepare to get out of bed.

06:00- I get out of bed to shower, get dressed, and have breakfast.

07:15- I leave my house and drive to my placement which takes 1 hour.

08:30 I enter the office and make myself a cup of coffee to get me started for the day.

What my day-to-day activities look like on placement:

I start the day by checking my emails because I usually get a handful of them in the morning. I then start to look at my calendar to see if I have any home visits, meetings booked for that day, and tasks that I need to complete for the day. My placement is based within Adult Social Services and my roles include carrying out section 9 and section 10 assessments from the Care Act 2014. I’ve been recently allocated a couple of cases so my current workload includes phoning the clients and arranging to meet them to see if they have care needs and support that can be met by the Local Authority. I have learned that no day is the same since starting my placement. The only thing that has been consistent on placement is that the time goes by so quickly because of how my day gets so busy. I enjoy going on placement because of how supportive the team is and I’m learning something new every day.

I finish my placement at 16:30 and drive home which takes approximately 1 hour.

After I get home, I try to relax for 2 hours before catching up on work or personal commitments that I have to do. I work as a student postgraduate ambassador as well as other roles within the university which means I need to prioritise my time effectively making sure that I get my job done.

Hope this gives you an insight into what it's like to be on placement as An MSW student at Kingston 😊 any questions about the course, let me know!

Many thanks
Kingston University Postgraduate Representative
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