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PGCE in Different Subject Than What I Want to Teach


I am currently doing an SKE in maths for a PGCE that will start in October. I do not like it and I do not want to be a maths teacher anymore. My degree is in English and I would like to be an English teacher. However, everything is so complicated. I would have to withdraw, reapply, resubmit 2 references (such a big pain) and do another interview and all these things... What are your thoughts? Should I go through the PGCE (I do have the ability to complete the SKE and PGCE in maths if I must) and then apply for jobs as an English teacher with my English degree and my maths PGCE?
Hi @Daphne26 ,

you can technically train in maths and then apply for English jobs as once, you have QTS you can apply for any teaching jobs as long as you can demonstrate that you have the subject knowledge to do so.
However, I would suggest that training in the subject you want to teach is a better option and it might facilitate getting a job. You also need to consider that doing something that you do not feel passionate about for a year, might not be the most motivating this for you.
I understand that re-applying might be a bit of work, but ultimately, you would just have to tweak your personal statement and obviously go through interviews but a small price to pay if you feel, it would make you much happier in what you do. Our advisers can help you, review your application and support you with the interview process. If you have not got one, do register, it is a free service and it will alleviate some of the stress.
Ultimately, the decision is yours but there is help at hand if you need it.

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