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Any chance for a PhD to teach at independent schools without teaching qualifications?

I'll be finishing out my humanities PhD soon and if the academic route doesn't work out, I am wondering if teaching at an independent school in the UK would be something that is open to me.

I have Oxbridge degrees, but the big problem is that I would need a visa sponsorship eventually since I am not from the UK and I have no official teaching qualifications. Has anyone been in a similar situation or taken a path like this?

I am just wondering how challenging this path would be for me. For any teachers around, is there anything I could do to make myself a more competitive applicant? I have experience invigilating exams and am currently trying to get some experience teaching undergrads before I finish my degree.
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Technically yes, but in reality most places want you to have a PGCE just because of a) the research-based pedagogical training with which the course provides you, and b) It shows you have demonstrated that you have what it takes to survive in a school. Teaching at school level is a different kettle of fish to a PhD - I had a PhD and years of teaching experience by the time I did a PGCE, so I know both.

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