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maths gcse

im a gcse student with my maths exam in over 2 months i have got a grade overall 4 in my recent mocks. When separate i achieved a grade 4 on paper 1 and grade 5 on paper 2 and 3 (my stronger points?). My maths teacher says i am capable of a grade 6, and i really need and want to achieve that to get into the courses that i want to do next year in sixth form. I have been doing some maths genie topics and past papers. Anyone have any advice on what topics i should revise in more depth? Topics that are definite to come up and i can gain easy marks on? My teacher tells me it’s possible for me to a achieve a 6 if i collect full marks on the beggining of paper and a couple more marks elsewhere like in the middle and then 1 or 2 marks at the end. Is it a good idea for me to through all the grade 4-5 topics and make sure i can do all of them and then a couple topics for the higher grades? Is it still possible for me to achieve a 6 is i do it that way?

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