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igcse help please

so basically i was supposed to take 8 subjects this oct/nov but now my dad wants me to take my 2 edexcel subjects ( and commerce) next year in the m/j session. however, i'll be 17 by then and will be doing extra igcses alongside 3 a levels. my main subjects are this octnov tho, but im still worried if it will affect my college application as i'll be 17 , and i want to apply to good unis in the uk. what about my ucas too? im just really stressed and i've been overthinking. will this be looked down upon?

ps: the reason my 2 other subjects are moved to next year m/j is because my dad's worried i'll screw up by taking 8 subjs at once since i started studying for my igcses nov 2023, and worried i wouldnt have enough time to efficiently study all my subjects. i'll try to add an extra subject or two just to have 10 gcses in total, or even 9 will suffice.

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