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Can i go into quant finance if im not going to a "top 5" university?

im planning on doing my undergraduate in maths at Bristol, while its a great uni, will it limit me a lot because its not Oxbridge/imperial etc.? does where you do your masters matter more for this type of thing? or will employers look at where i did my undergrad and reject me lol
If you have top Alevels you should be fine, it shows you are capable and probably just missed out on the top top unis, I know a number of Jane street employees are bristol math grads and they all had stellar alevel grades and just fell short of imperial etc. Get top grades at Bristol and at Alevel and you should be fine. Bristol math is amongst the best in the UK, a first from there is impressive and coupled with top alevels and hopefully some internships you stand a chance, just be proactive (Do everything you can at bristol to make yourself employable) and be prepared to compete with the best at imperial etc. Just know you are at a disadvantage at the firms are less actively targetting bristol, but its certainly possible. A masters/PHD at a a target will also help.
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