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Really want to do dentistry, however flunked the hell out of GCSEs. Am I cooked?

Okay so. I failed both English courses, however I'm working towards resitting. I was foundation for most subjects but was really good in them (5-5 Combined Science, 5 Maths)
I have really been contemplating what life choices i want to make, and have discovered that I really want to become a dentist - I'll do all those years. My worry is that OBVIOUSLY I need the higher GCSE's to get into both a Sixth Form (Bio and Chem) and a Dental School. Is there any possibility for me to start pursuing it now?
only with the right mindset you’ll succeed. you should try and resit your gcse maths as well- most dental unis require a 6 at least. try to choose science based subjects like chemistry and biology for a level, and look intro courses with foundations years e.g. manchester has one. try to find the root cause of your gcse grades- did u just not revise enough or were you really struggling? if yes, what was it that you struggled most on? good luck !

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