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What is oriel college like? Is it a strong, academic college?
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Every college at Oxford is strong and academic. Oriel has a reputation, whether deserved or not, of having a more conservative ethos than other colleges. Its nickname in Oxford is "Toriel".

Oriel has a tradition of being good at sport - Oriel has been Head of the River (the champion in inter-collegiate rowing) more than any other college. Oriel undergraduates used to be thought of as "hearties", but this reputation has perhaps faded.

Like any other college in Oxford, Oriel is a centre of academic excellence, and even the most sporty students are expected to study with care and focus.

Oriel found itself a focus of controversy because of its alumnus, the Imperialist Cecil Rhodes (1852-1902), his financial gifts to the college, and the statue of him on the college building which abuts the High Street.
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