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Stuck on Pre Reg pharmacy choices - please advice

I’m currently in my final year on Mpharm and I am currently waiting on my oriel results to know if I have succeeded in getting a hospital placement. ( dream! )

Now for the THE dilemma !

I’m from near Birmingham where the competition for getting into any placement is quite difficult ( or so Iv been told). In hopes to have a back up plan for myself I have had a chat with a local community pharmacy who have built up a pretty good representation for themselves over the years in terms of pre Reg examination results.

Iv been asked to sign a ‘binding contract’ with the community pharmacy in order to confirm my place with them however I don’t find out wether I have got into hospital placement for another 2 or so weeks.

My fears lie with progressing from community to hospital once I have qualified or feeling under qualified to my peers as I have heard it is a steep jump from one to the other.

Are there any suggestions on what to do? Ultimately I know it boils down to me taking a risk with missing out on the community placement and hospital placement or testing my luck too see if I get into hospital placement but I’d still like to hear others opinions . Much appreciated !
What does this binding contract say though?

It could be possible to find other community places through oriel as long as you ranked them.
or apply externally.
You could always contact the pharmacy asking they could allow you time to think about it.
or you could go to them later and ask them if they can take you on?

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