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I’m very passionate about ocean life and I only recently realised that perhaps marine biology/sciences was my calling. I’m in year 12 doing 3 humanities a levels which I chose originally because I wanted to do Law for so long. I have done work experience, research and talked to people and I’m stuck between marine sciences and law. Unfortunately I only got a grade 4 in maths at gcse which didn’t allow me to do sciences. I was firm on law for so long but now I’m having so many doubts about it and I have no idea what to do. I still have an interest in law however marine sciences/biology is really what my heart wants. I have talked to my tutor she said I can’t retake a year because of my gcse maths which I didn’t think to retake because I was firm on law. I have done my research and marine sciences required 2 a levels which are sciences. I can’t do a foundation year either. I’m very anxious and unsure of what to do with my future, I am getting A’s and B’s in my humanities, would it be a risk? Is there any other careers which I can do with my 3 humanities which don’t require specific subjects other than degrees such as philosophy, English etc? Please help. Thank you!!
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Why can't you do a foundation year? There are plenty of subjects that you can do with 3 humanities A Levels, the question is whether you want to do marine biology or not.
As above, unclear what the issue with a foundation year is. Pretty normal way into things if you did the "wrong" A-level subjects, and plenty of good unis for that subject area (e.g. Southampton) offer that route.

Outside of it though realistically most non-STEM, non-language, non-creative/performing arts degrees don't have any specific requirements. Archaeology, anthropology, sociology, social policy, politics, philosophy, film/media studies, English literature, history (many degrees don't require A-level History), geography (some don't require A-level Geography), regional/area studies courses (e.g. South Asian Studies, Eastern European Studies, African Studies), some language courses even (particularly non-European languages as they are normally offered from scratch), classical civilisation/classics (usually there are routes for those without a classical language background), ancient history, business studies, management, education, social work, some healthcare professions courses may be an option, etc, etc.

I think you overestimate the number of degrees that require specific A-level subjects.

That said you should aim to retake the GCSE Maths as many universities require a 5 in GCSE Maths for any degree they offer as a minimum standard. Also if you are interested in pursuing a science degree of any kind (via foundation year or whatever) you need good general maths skills - including for marine biology or oceanography.

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