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Do you think volunteering in a care home is relevant when pursuing optometry in university - I feel like outside of this it will be rewarding and I’d love to do it but im not sure if I should invest my volunteering hours on something else??
I think yes and no. It definitely shows compassion and empathy which are some things that were emphasised during my interviews for uni.

However, they also want to know that you know what you're getting yourself into in terms of eyecare. If you have the time, I recommend getting a job at an Opticians practice part-time as well.

Or something else I did was volunteer at my local sight charity. Maybe there's one where you live as well?
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If a resident is registered SI or SSI, yes care home experience can be helpful. Look up RNIB's online shop, where you can get an idea of the types of 'aid' available - you'll be surprised.

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