Which titan of business are you?

Are you an old-school entrepreneur? Side-hustle master? Media magnate? Take our quiz and find out...

How can you make the most of your business smarts?

So, our highly scientific quiz has confirmed what you already knew: you've got some game when it comes to business. If you're serious about a business career, what can you do next?

There are lots of options. There's no reason at all why you can't do it all yourself, making every conversation a seminar and every office or boardroom your lecture hall; it's a tried and tested approach that worked for several of our titans – Sir Alan Sugar and Dre, for example, didn't exactly pursue formal qualifications.

On the other hand, a business qualification can get you the skills you need, fast – and the right one will also use the success stories of titans of business to teach you. They've already made the mistakes and giant leaps, so all you have to do is learn from them. 

Business titans

Get connected

As well as showing you what successful figures did right and where they went wrong, a business course can offer several other benefits. A big one is that alongside case studies of world-beating businesses and leaders, you'll usually have the chance to network with people currently making waves in all manner of industries. 

Most business schools will also have guest speakers from organisations of all shapes and sizes, so you'll be exposed to lots of strategies and philosophies of business. Plus, you'll be able to ask questions, get tips and hopefully make some useful contacts, whether you're looking for a partner for your start up idea, or an internship opportunity. 

Team of business leaders

Get the skills

Then there's the practical side of things. Businesses of any size need marketing, nice orderly accounts, some kind of management structure (even the Kardashians defer to Kris as the manager on occasion)...and it never hurts to get your head around finance. 

That's where courses like a degree in business management, marketing, or accounting and finance come in. You can study them at most unis, including Warwick Business School, and they offer a solid grounding in the fundamentals of business.

What could you learn? A business management programme will develop your critical thinking and powers of analysis, as well as professional skills like research, presentations and working as part of a team. Accounting and finance programmes, meanwhile, cover topics from financial accounting and tax to decision making and entrepreneurship.

superhero business person

Get ahead

Plus, go to the right business school and you'll get courses that are approved by some of the world's most highly-regarded professional organisations, so you'll know that skills you're developing will be at the level you need when you start work. 

Ready to be a titan? Have a look at some of the other articles in this section for ideas (see links below) and get researching. Before you know it you won't be taking quizzes about business leaders – you'll be one of the answers. 

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