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Medicine is a popular course at university.
Find out if it's for you and get help making your application with our articles.

Routes Into MedicineEntry RequirementsAdmission TestsWork ExperiencePersonal StatementsImproving Your Application
Where To ApplyInterviewsWhat to Do if Everything Goes WrongLife as a Medical Student or DoctorMiscellaneousCurrent Students

Routes Into Medicine

Entry Requirements

Admission Tests

  • UKCAT - All about the UKCAT. What does it test? Who needs it and how are they using it? Practice questions and more.
  • BMAT - All about the BMAT. Who needs it? What does it test? Practice questions.
  • GAMSAT - All about the GAMSAT. Who needs it? What does it test?

Work Experience

Personal Statements

Improving Your Application

Where To Apply


What to Do if Everything Goes Wrong

Life as a Medical Student or Doctor


Current Students

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