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Here at The Student Room, the UK's largest student website, we endeavour to make the community the best it can be. Whether you're here to use the site for fun, discussion, getting help or helping others, we want everyone to enjoy their time on the site and to be able to access quality information, help and advice from their peers.

In order for the site to run smoothly, and to allow us to achieve our aims, the site deploys a moderation policy. This page will introduce you to the moderation policy we employ on the site with links to further information, should you wish to know more.

How is the site moderated?
The site is moderated by a team of dedicated volunteers, called the Support Team. Most of the Support Team focus their attention on one or two specific forums , generally where their own interests and experience lie; for example Sport, Universities, Study help, Finance etc.
In addition, there are a number of Section Leaders, who have the ability to moderate across the entire site. Although the Support Team is made up of volunteers, they are hand picked members with a keen interest in the site, who have proved to be positive contributors and all round good eggs. It is their role to ensure the site rules (see below) are upheld and to help the community when required.

As well as our volunteers, we rely heavily on our members to flag content that could be deemed inappropriate or which contravenes our site rules - bringing it to the attention of the Support Team in double quick time. We do this though our post report system.

But who moderates the moderators?
The Community Team are responsible for the site as a whole, and amongst other things this includes the management of the Support Team. For more detailed information on role descriptions, click here.

How you can help us
User reporting: By using the post report system, you make it easier for the Support Team to remove inappropriate comments, thus ensuring a better forum experience for other users. Get involved:
  • Dev' and bugs: By becoming a 'Dev Tester', you will be amongst the first to test out new ideas, potential changes and solutions to bugs and errors on the TSR Development site. The more people that test each new update, the more likely it is that we can ensure smooth transitions when updating the site, preventing any disruption to the user experience. Become part of the testing team here.
  • Moderator nominations: From time to time, site Moderators no longer wish, or have the time, to contribute their services. We are therefore always on the lookout for potential future moderators. If you have seen someone on the forum who consistently posts useful, helpful things, and behaves in a manner you deem worthy of a moderator, you can nominate them in our special Moderators Nominations forum.

Your agreement with us
Each member that uses the site is required to accept our terms and conditions which includes the site rules and guidelines. These have been created to ensure that we provide the best platform for students wishing to use the site. More detail regarding the guidelines can be found below.

Overview of site guidelines
  • No personal attacks or inflammatory behaviour
  • Post in the correct forum and stay on topic
  • No cheating
  • No advertising or inappropriate links
  • Post in the English language unless in an area where it is acceptable to do otherwise. No text speak.
  • Respect the privacy of other users
  • Do not condone or encourage illegal activity

The above is a simple overview of the rules on The Student Room. To read the rules in more detail, please click here.

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