Contact the employer

There are many ways of contacting employers. Remember that you are contacting someone who wants you to work for them. Txt spk and slang are not good ways of getting your foot in the door. If in doubt get someone else to read your communication before you send it.

Going into a Branch

Many companies, especially those in retail, do not really advertise their job vacancies in things like papers and online media. This is because hundreds come into their branch every year and ask for information about their job. If you are considering a job in somewhere like this, you should go into a store and ask about how to apply at the main reception, tills or customer services desk. Some will hand you an application form or ask you to submit a CV and Covering Letter


Some companies ask that you ring them. This maybe to get an application form posted to you or so they can explain more details about the job and its demands before you submit a CV. It can also allow them to conduct a quick telephone interview.


Other companies ask that you email them for any contact. This is probably to allow them to send you an application form and also to give you some documents about the job. Remember to be polite when writing a email and use the standard letter format. Your request/application will be binned if you send in a poor quality email.

Online Application Forms

A now common way of filtering applicants is to make them fill in an online application form. It standardises the CV and also allows surveys to be put forward and the weakest applicants to be filtered out quickly.