Why you should make your exam thread right now

Worried about your exams? Want a guaranteed and totally simple way of getting help? 

Every exam this summer needs a thread. Its very own place on TSR where students can discuss the exam, help each other, exchange ideas – even panic – together.

But who’s going to create these threads?

Stop looking around. It’s YOU!

You don’t need to be a whizz at your subject or a long-term TSR user to give it a go – these are meant to be helpful, and can be started by anyone.

Here's how you do it: 

  • Create threads for A level exams here and GCSE exams here
  • Give your threads a name – we’ll need the exam title, level and board
  • Write a few words in the opening post
  • Press submit

Voila! You've made an exam thread.

And if you want to be super fancy: 

  • Put it in the right forum - the full list is here
  • Share some links to useful resources, such as the TSR learning tools which are here
  • Tag in your friends on TSR who are taking the same exam

How can I find mine?

We have a massive Exam Thread Directory which you can find here. It’s split by level, then subject. If you can’t find your particular exam thread, you know what to do – make it yourself!