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liz :)
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Can anyone help me with a course work essay i have to write for Biology? I have to investigate into the extent to which heating the enzyme Urease causes inactivation of the enzyme. I also have to show how the activity of the enzyme is measured after appropropriate heat treatments have been carried out.

I have been given the following info: -

The activity of urease may be measured by

mixing 1cm cubed of urease solution with 10 cm cube of 1% urea solution. Allow it to stand for 40 minutes. Add 2 or 3 drops of screened methyl - red indicator. Titrate mixture against 0.05 mol dmcubed sulphuric acid using a syringe or burette. the acid is put in the syringe or burette.

I really need help with this its due in on tuesday!!!! if anyone knows what i should do i'd be really grateful for the help
Thank you
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Search for Urease in this category:

They have the practical there.
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