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i stayed in wadham for an open day, and it was pretty fit, i had a great room which had a balcony, and because it was summer i had a party on the balcony, complete with those little one-use barbeques. the only problem with the otherwise faultless room was that the bed was on a mezzanine (sp?) floor, so i had to go up and down the little ladder eevry time i wanted to go anywhere, doh! oh, and the scout was fab, really nice about dealing with massive bin bags full of party rubbish and not in the least bit showing any surprise that there were a few more people in our room than there should have been... hehe, so fab college really. ah - just remembered i know a fit who has got in there too.

as for the others, mansfield and somerville seem nice, really relaxed, if maybe a little far out, and, erm, i'm a little anti-catz as a friend of mine had a nasty interview there...
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