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Who should I use for my reference on my UCAS application??

I did my A levels at college 2 years ago but have been doing a carpentry apprenticeship in the years since with a day release at a construction college. I put my A levels college as my reference to begin with but an old tutor advised me to change it to my current college. I am only getting a level 2 from my apprenticeship (so it doesn’t contribute to ucas points at all) and I don’t think any of my tutors could really write a great reference as I only see them once a week at most. I have both colleges buzz words but I’m just scratching my head as to which one to use. Does it actually make much of a difference? What sort of stuff does a uni normally ask in a reference? If anybody could help me out here it would be excellent as everything else regarding my application is ready to go!
Thank you :-)
Your A level college is likely to be the best option.

Make sure they have the details of what you are currently studying so they can explain in your reference that your current studies are more practical and level 2 and I doubt it will be a problem.
When choosing a reference for your uni application, consider which college is more relevant to your course. If it's construction-related, your current college where you're doing the apprenticeship might be better. Otherwise, your A-level college could be more suitable. Universities generally look for references that speak to your academic abilities and work ethic. Think about which tutors know you best and can provide a more detailed and personal reference. Ultimately, the quality of the reference often matters more than the specific institution it comes from. It may also be worth contacting the university you are applying to for advice on this as they may be able to shed some light on what they would rather see. Best of luck with your application!

It depends on which college is considered to be more relevant to the course you're applying for. As other comments have stated academics will look into your work ethic so it might be worth thinking about which college you believe really got to see and experience your work ethic.

If you end up choosing the first option, A Level college, then you could inform them of your current studies and they can explain in your reference of the next steps you have taken and in effect you include both studies and show the academics the next steps you are taking and your dedication! Make sure you think about who knows you best and can give you a personal and detailed response.

As mentioned in other comments, it might also be worth contacting your University and getting their insight on the application too and what they will be expecting and from this feedback make a more clear decision.

Hope this helps, and best of luck with your application!

Kind Regards,
Katie (film graduate)
University of Wolverhampton

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