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I hate college, should I transfer back to my old college?

Hey! I’ve never done one of these before but I really don’t know what else to so. I joined college about 2-3 weeks ago and especially because of my anxiety I really dislike it and have anxiety attacks every day. I decided to transfer to a new college which is about an hour away but turns out this did not help my anxiety at all and I still have the same feeling about going to college. I’m debating moving back to my old college as it’s more convenient but there’s pros and cons to each college.

Pros to college I’m in now :
- Places to sit at break
- not too busy
- Best friend in one of my lessons
- Very pretty college
- Lots of places to revise
- one of my best friend goes there
- many places to go around the college

Cons to college I’m in now :
- 1 hour away
- some days I’m in 7am-6pm
- overwhelming amount of homework and not much time to do it
- my best friend has no breaks lined up with mine
- stressed even know I’ve only been there 5 days
- more stressed than unhappy

Pros to old college
- best friend goes there
- 5 minute drive
- I don’t go in on Wednesday so I have plenty of time to revise and do work
- really liked my teachers
- know a lot of people that go there / friends with a few people
- get home early time to relax

Cons about old place
- don’t even think I’ll be allowed back
- very busy and oversubscribed college
- no where to sit at lunch
- even revision places are packed full with people
- unhappy whilst I’m there

Has anyone had this issue before, or moved back to their old college? I really would love your input. My logic is, moving back to my old college would be better. Even know I was unhappy it’s only 2 years, but I’d like to make the right decision before it’s too late. Thank you for reading all this! Have a great day! ❤️❤️
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Please take some time out to work out what you want to do. Maybe give college a break for now.

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