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Original post by Queen Cersei
:badger: Welcome to Apprenticeships & alternatives to uni! :badger:

Thinking about being different and choosing a path other than going to uni? Or are you currently working as an apprentice and want to talk to others in the same position?

It's all in here for you!


What types of conversation can I find in the Apprenticeships & alternatives forums?

Anything and everything related to Apprenticeships, School Leaver programmes, traineeships and sponsored degrees! Whether you have just started exploring your options or you are in the middle of an apprenticeship, pop in this forum to get your questions answered or help out others!

I would like to start a society in Apprenticeships & alternatives- how would I go about doing this?

If you would like to start up a society of your own, such as The Apprentices 2016 or School Leaver Applicants, all you need to do is set up a thread as normal with info on what the society will be all about and simply alert a member of the Community Team or Support Team and we can highlight the thread for you.

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Got any other questions?

Our lovely Support Team are about to help with any questions you might have- you can spot them by their purple usernames!


Hi, has anyone come off their nursing degree course at end of year one and gone onto an odp apprenticeship? I am awaiting an answer from the university if I will be accepted. This is due to an eligibility query, as you can not be taught same modules. From researching the ODP course, it does appear different. please advise 🙏

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