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Raf apprenticeship

I’m 16, have all my GCSEs, and am studying for my a levels at the moment (history, law and art), but I want to join the military doing an apprenticeship instead of going to uni. If I do an apprenticeship in the RAF will this guarantee me a job there if I choose to to stay after? I want to be able to work in the RAF as a long term career without going to uni, is this possible?
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There is only route into the RAF and that is to apply for your chosen role, get through the selection process and successfully complete your training. For some roles, the latter will give you your apprenticeship, part of which will be classroom-based, followed by on-the job tasks during your first tour.

What are you interested in doing? It is recommended that you ensure there is nothing in your medical records that would delay or stop you joining. Do you have sufficient activities and extracurriculars that would support your application? What would you do if you were unsuccessful? If you need more, or an alternative career plan requires a degree, consider uni and you could try the UAS, or at least get involved in clubs and societies etc.

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