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Hi everyone :wavey:

A new report has shed some new light on online grooming in the UK. It's so sad to see.

To ensure everyone stays safe and knows who and how to contact the TSR community moderation team we wanted to share this article.

To contact us directly please speak to us privately and in confidence in Ask the CS forum.

This is a community moderated site. If you see anything that breaks the rules or you consider to be online bullying please do report it to us.

Thanks everyone :hugs:

NSPCC report on online grooming

The Times, Telegraph, Mail, Express and Sun all carry coverage of a new survey from the NSPCC which has found that, on average, one child in every British primary school class has been sent a naked or semi-naked image by an adult online.
The poll of nearly 40,000 children aged 7 to 16 also found that one in fifty had sent such an image to an adult.
The reports say that the charity has launched a petition calling on the Home Secretary and the Digital Secretary to clamp down on technology companies to stop children being abused and groomed online. The Wild West Web campaign is calling on Ministers to create an independent regulator.
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